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Rugby U14

We got off to a bumpy start at the beginning of the season, which started on the 5th of September 2011, but our numbers increased quite substantially thanks to our club Open Day which was held on the 8th of September. The open day allowed all interested families, couples and singles in Al Ain to visit the club for a fun-filled evening to get a taste of what we have to offer as a rugby club.

Our 26 man squad now consists of kids from all over the world: South Africa, Fiji, Scotland, Egypt, Kenya, England, United States, New Zealand, Algeria, Australia, Canada and Philippines, all coming together as a team on the rugby field. Although we had a base of players that had been playing rugby for a few years, we also had a lot of new players that had to learn how the game is played and to learn the rules of the game from scratch. With the aid of equipment such as tackling bags, driving pads, cones, fitness equipment and each other, we have now got a very competitive team that has pulled together as a unit and is now, after many frustrating moments, able to compete with the best in the UAE. This was proven in the last tournament we played in at the Dubai 7's stadium when we made the semi-finals for the cup against one of the top teams in our league and, unfortunately, lost in the last 30 seconds of the game. As coaches, it was very rewarding to see how the team had pulled together and had put what we had taught them into practice with excellent results. The opposition coach sent an e-mail after the game to compliment us on the way that the team had grown and how they were now playing as a unit and not as individuals.

We have had varying degrees of success since the start of the season and have played in a number of 7-a-side tournaments where we have entered 2 teams into the tournaments. The 7-a-side game is a faster game and requires some different skills and a lot higher fitness levels to stay with the game. In the Al Ain tournament both teams reached the semi-finals, one in the plate and one in the cup, which was a great achievement for the squad as a whole. Our first game in the league section got off to a bumpy start in the first half, but the second half gave us a lot to build on and formed the foundations for where we have got to now.

Thanks to the coaching skills and dedication of the three coaches, Brian Neubert, Rocco De Bruyn and Craig Dickson, our U14 squad has grown in their skills, Knowledge of the game, fitness (thanks to Craig) team spirit and maturity. Training nights are on a Monday and Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm with fixture games usually being played on a Friday or Saturday morning. For all our away games we play, the club provides a bus to get us to and from the game.

We still have 2 more fixture games to play this season, a tournament in Sharjah and a tour to Singapore to look forward to and to wrap up what has been a very rewarding season, both for us as coaches and for the boys that have made coaching such a rewarding pleasure.