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Rugby U10


Youth - U10 Team


AAAs Under 10 Squad - Season 2011/12... so far


21 boys and 7 girls currently make up the AAA's Under 10 squad. The spirit of rugby union is very much captured in the eclectic make up of the players whose origins range from the USA, UK, France, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Ireland, Egypt and of course the UAE.

Despite some of the obvious language and cultural differences, the language of rugby is very much evident at the twice weekly coaching sessions which is very well attended with an 80% turn out at most of the sessions.

The squad consists of a number of players who would actually qualify for Under 9's rugby. This has resulted in some of our players facing opposition who in some cases are 2 years older and who are invariably bigger and stronger. This perceived disadvantage has not deterred our players from thoroughly enjoying the experience of going out and putting into practice their newly acquired skills against quality opposition.

Whilst we await our first win in the league, the narrow 25-30 defeat against Dubai Exiles 2 was testament to the spirit and determination that is very evident within the squad. The Exiles coach paid tribute to all of our players after the game, congratulating them for their part in what was a thrilling game of rugby.

A great weekend was had by all at the very well organised Abu Dhabi Harlequins Junior Rugby Tournament. We were able to enter 2 teams with AA1 progressing to the knock out phase of the cup competition before going out to the very strong Dubai Exiles 1. From the coaches' perspective, we have two main dilemmas. How do we fit 28 players into a squad of 15? Even, more difficult, how can we tell the Hendricks twins apart!

Thank you to all the Mums and Dads for your continued support and commitment in ensuring that the future of the club remains in a healthy state.