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Al Ain Amblers

The Al Ain Amblers successfully defended their title (third consecutive year) at the club’s tournament on 18th November, 2011. Results: 14-12 vs. Saracens, 24-7 vs. Dragons, 14-7 vs. Abu Dhabi Harlequins and then won the final 10-5 vs Saracens (Abu Dhabi had withdrawn from the final). Jappie George scored the winner in “sudden-death” spell and top-scored for the Amblers. In the first game against the Saracens, the Amblers were behind 0-12 three minutes from time but Jappie scored two snappy converted tries to shock the Saracens. In the final pool play, newbie veteran Dan Mahony scored the winner against Abu Dhabi Harlequins.

Front: Dan Mahony (NZ), Kneeling (L-R): Thomas Kyle (USA), Jappie George (S. Africa), James Steck (USA), Stephen Holden (UK), Khristopher Wisneski (NZ), Jeremaia Kilicanasau (Fiji), Barton Michael Pepper (NZ). Standing (L-R): Bese Tevita (Fiji), Lui Nasova (Fiji), Andrew McKinney (Aust), Roy Kunzler, captain (Switzerland), Dave Barnes (UK, manager), Jody Haddow (Canada), Bob Hope (UK, coach), Nicholas Saunders (Aust), Steve Crow (UK), Maniue Vilsoni (Rotuma, Fiji), Noa Lutuciri (Fiji).


At the Dubai 10’s tournament on 1st-3rd December 2011 the veterans faced stiff competition from the Doha Bulldogs and the Jebel Ali Dragons. DAY ONE: won 20-0 vs Kuwait, 19-0 vs Riyadh and lost 0-10 vs Doha. DAY TWO: lost in the quarterfinal 5-22 vs Dragons. Only 11 veterans were present for the quarters; Tony Kalauni scored the lone try and the Amblers were behind 5-12 at the interval. A yellow card flashed at Lario Raitilevu did not help the team’s progress. To return to the heady heights of 2008 and 2009, the team needs to focus on preparation time, play a series of warm-up games before any major tournament and re-develop a winning culture! 

DUBAI 10’s TOURNAMENT: Front (L-R): Jappie George (S. Africa) & Jason Mackenzie (Canada). Kneeling (L-R): Roy Kunzler (Captain) (Switzerland), Jeremaia Kilicanasau (Fiji), Barton Michael Pepper (NZ), Maniue Vilsoni (Rotuma, Fiji), Andrew McKinney (Aust), Nicolaas Van Blerk (S. Africa), Stephen Holden (UK). Standing (L-R): Dave Barnes (UK, Manager), Semi Sekinoco (Fiji), ILario Raitilava (Fiji), Jody Haddow (Canada), Nicholas Saunders (Aust), Tony Kalauni (Niue/Aust), Marcus Guerro (USA), Bob Hope (UK, coach).