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Toll Free 800 8777


The Wall

The wall is built under European specifications EN 12572:1-2007. It is 11meters tall, and 6 meters wide with four different walls and routes, including with a IFSC 10 meter World Cup speed route, all set by Former World Champion Speed Climbers Maksym and Anna Stienkovyi.

The climbing centre has special programs for:


- Children and adults
- Membership
- Corporate team building events
- Birthday parties
- Programs for the special needs children
- Schools


Customers can enjoy climbing for the day where we have a selection of equipment ready to use. All climbers, new and experienced, must have an initial introduction course which lasts up to 1 hour depending on your current level and a climbing safety skill test for those who are competent climbers.

The wall is complete with speed wall, overhangs, and lead routes with a variety from Grade 4 to Grade 7, set by MaksymStienkovyi, the former World Champion speed climber from Ukraine.