Toll Free 800 8777

Toll Free 800 8777



The AESGC Shooting Club offers the best indoor and outdoor shooting facilities in terms of Olympic and ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) standards.

Our club welcomes new members/guests and provides the necessary supervision and guidance from professional trainers, whether you're looking to shoot for fun or aiming to advance to a competing level.

If you have a real taste for shooting, visit our club for a chance to join and improve your skills. Shooting is truly a sport that teaches you how to master your mind and combine steel nerves with precision aiming at a target. The sport is open to all ages.




We support and promote all types of shooting sports from local target shooting competition to international shooting sports for both men and women whether seniors or juniors.


Moreover, we conduct numerous beginners and advanced training courses, practices and provide certifications.


Enjoy the entire shooting facilities which can be rented and customized for team buildings, group shooting or other school activities for students.


CONTACT DETAILS: +971 3 7026 500
CLUB HOURS: 9:00am to 10:00pm   Monday – Saturday